Big Red Rooster BRRC129

The Big Red Rooster BRRC129 is a great value for less than $20. It has six sounds and the compact and durable design make it easy to stow away for travel.

The Munchkin baby sound machine combines soothing sounds with calming visuals to help your baby fall asleep in a calm environment. It has 10 sounds, including heartbeat, rain, ocean, white noise and six lullaby songs. It also has a soft blue nightlight and three projector images that can be displayed on a wall or ceiling. The rainforest, night sky and sea images are on separate cartridges that can be stored in the back panel of sound machine so you don’t lose them. The sounds and images can be used together or separate from each other.
This baby sound machine can play sounds and project images continuously, or you can set a timer to automatically turn the device off after 15, 30 or 60 minutes. This is one of the few baby sound machines we reviewed that has a voice-activation feature. That feature will turn the device on and start playing sounds or projecting images when your baby wakes and makes noise. Using the timer function will help wean your baby off the need to have noise playing to fall asleep, and the voice activation feature can be used along with it to encourage self-soothing. The Munchkin sound machine has to be plugged in and has no battery backup, which means it won’t run out of batteries but you won’t be taking it camping or into similar situations.

The Big Red Rooster baby sound machine is small enough to fit in the palm of your hand and costs less than $20. Although this is one of the most cost-friendly products we reviewed, we didn’t label it as the best value based solely on its price tag. This baby sound machine has sound selections and features comparable to products that cost twice as much.
It has six sound selections, including heartbeat, ocean and white noise along with three lullaby songs. Those songs and sounds can be played continuously, or you can set a timer to turn the sound machine off at 15-, 30-, or 60-minute intervals. Transitioning your baby from a continuous sound to shorter intervals can help wean them off the need for sound masking and prepare them to sleep through environmental noise. This sound machine is a good fit for someone who is interested in a portable sound machine. The compact design makes it easy to stow away in a daypack or diaper bag, and the flush-mounted controls on the top panel are less susceptible to breaking than other models we reviewed. The Big Red Rooster can be powered by the included AC adapter or three AA batteries. The optional battery power adds to this baby sound machine’s portability.

The Baby Shusher sound machine is about the size of a baby bottle and is powered by two included AA batteries. The manufacturer offers an app for mobile devices that mimics the calming shush sound just in case your sound machine runs out of batteries or you forget to pack it. The glossy finish is easy to keep clean, which can be helpful if you plan on keeping this sound machine in your travel bag.

This device only creates one sound: white noise in the form of a shushing sound. The manufacturer identified this sound as the most calming because it mimics the atmosphere the baby was accustomed to in the womb. The repetitive and rhythmic shushing sound stops after a set time limit, so you will have to turn it on every 15 or 30 minutes. The Baby Shusher has an adjustable volume, and the manufacturer suggests setting the volume to be a bit louder than your baby’s cry. That volume level helps to distract the baby initially and then calm them down by using the familiar and soothing tone. The Baby Shusher has an industry-standard one-year warranty that covers defects and workmanship, but it doesn’t cover damage caused by normal wear and tear.